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In coal mines, entries and headings, bords and walls serve similar purposes. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Coal is known to exist to the southeast of Kobdo, in the Tannu-ola, and in the basin of the Yenisei, but its age is unknown (fresh-water Jurassic ?). Steam coal of good quality is reported to exist about 30 m. About 50,000 tons of coal of very poor quality are, however, extracted annually, and the same quantity of salt in the Armenian highlands and in Kuban. Minerals remained for the most part unworked, though the profitable coal fields and oil wells in Ferghana were used when disturbances in Trans-Caspia cut Turkestan off from the Baku oil, on which it relies entirely for its industrial life. In southern Brazil, on the other hand, in Rio Grande do Sul, Parana, &c., the beds of this period are of terrestrial origin, containing coal seams and remains of plants. The Rhymney railway to Cardiff was completed in 1858 and the trade of the port so vastly increased that the shipment of coal and coke went up from 4562 tons in 1839 to 1,796,000 tons in 1860. English words and Examples of Usage use "coal" in a sentence Uruguay has neither coal nor petroleum in appreciable quantities. The same inventor has patented the application of electrolysed chlorides to the purification of starch by the oxidation of less stable organic bodies, to the bleaching of oils, and to the purification of coal gas, spirit and other substances. In 1889 the extension of the railway from Ladysmith through the coal area first made coalmining profitable. Bosnia is rich in minerals, including coal, iron, copper, chrome, manganese, cinnabar, zinc and mercury, besides marble and much excellent building stone. 3. The imports consist mainly of European manufactured goods (especially British cotton), machinery, flour, alcohol, sugar, timber, coal and petroleum. coal in sentences. A thoroughly charred, and extinguished or still ignited, fragment from wood or other combustible substance; charcoal. 36. 2 : charcoal sense 1. Natural facilities for transportation, afforded by the Ohio river and its branches, the Monongahela, at the northern end of the state, and the Little Kanawha and the Great Kanawha, are of special value for the shipment of lumber and coal. It is also produced during the putrefaction of organic substances containing sulphur and is found among the products obtained in the destructive distillation of coal. The coal was renowned in the area as being of very good quality and hot burning. Their principal cause is the smoke from the general domestic use of coal. Barium chloride is present in some natural waters, and when this is the case the interaction of sulphates results in a deposition of barytes, as has occurred in the pipes and water-boxes of the Newcastle-on-Tyne coal mines. Large quantities of coal and tea are exported. Find more ways to say coal, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Gold is found in the sands of all its upper tributaries, and coal and petroleum are amongst the chief mineral products which have been brought into economic prominence. Easily browse through english vocabulary, listen the sentences or copy them. That industry is dependent absolutely on the supply of coal. The exports mainly consist of grain, cattle, fish, dairy produce and potatoes; the imports of coal and timber. A quantity of it is really brushwood, used for the manufacture of charcoal and for fuel, coal being little used except for manufacturing purposes. The church of St John the Baptist, principally Perpendicular, - has in its tower three bells presented by Charles Both this town and the adjacent urban district of Radstock (pop. When the substance operated upon is of uncertain composition, as, for example, coal, wood, coal-tar, &c., the term destructive distillation is employed. In this process the purified ore is mixed with about one-fifth of its weight of a noncaking coal or anthracite smalls, the mixture being moistened to prevent it from being blown off by the draught, and is then fused on the sole of a reverberatory furnace for five or six hours. Mine fires may originate from ordinary causes, but in addition they may result from the explosion of fire-damp or from the accidental lighting of jets of fire-damp issuing from the coal. In mining, a "gouge" is the layer of soft rock or earth sometimes found in each side of a vein of coal or ore, which the miner can scoop out with his pick, and thus attack the vein more easily from the side. There is considerable agricultural trade, and iron founding is carried on; while in the neighbourhood some copper, lead, granite and slate are worked and exported in small vessels; coal, timber and general merchandise being imported. Iron and coal are probably abundant, and silverlead, copper and antimony are believed to exist. The quantity of coal extracted annually in Australia had in 1906 reached 7,497,000 tons. Near the city are valuable coal mines, and there is one within the city limits. - Coal has been discovered in the Khmir ("Kroumir") country, but the principal mines at present worked in Tunisia are those of copper, lead and zinc. The surrounding country has good farming land and large coal mines. Steam sawing, metal-founding, fish-salting, shipbuilding and repairing, and the manufacture of ship's-biscuits and fishing-nets are among the industries. The principal articles imported are cotton and cotton goods, coffee, coal, cereals, hides, fruit and tobacco; the principal articles exported are wool and woollen goods,. This high mean pressure cannot be maintained for long, because as the speed increases the demand for steam per unit of time increases, so that cut-off must take place earlier and earlier in the stroke, the limiting steady speed being attained when the rate at which steam is supplied to the cylinders is adjusted by the cut-off to be equal to the maximum rate at which the boiler can produce steam, which depends upon the maximum rate at which coal can be burnt per square foot of grate. - One pound of good Welsh coal properly burned in the fire-box of a locomotive yields about 15,000 British thermal units of heat at a temperature high enough to enable from 50 to 80% to flow across the boiler-heating surface to the water, the rest escaping up the chimney with the furnace gases. The principal coal deposits developed are at Naricual, near Barcelona, and a railway has been constructed to bring the output to the port of Guanta. In 1896 the total output of coal was 216,106 tons (valued at £108,053 at the pit's mouth), in 1908 it had increased to 1,669,774 tons (valued at the pit's mouth at £737,169). The coal strike is on. above sea-level, in a wheat-growing region, in which bituminous coal, limestone, and brick and potter's clay abound. Peat is largely used as fuel, coal being obtained only at a cost of £3 a ton. Put some more coal on the fire. It stands at the head of the effective navigation on the Rhine, and is not only the largest port on the upper course of that stream, but is the principal emporium for south Germany for such commodities as cereals, coal, petroleum, timber, sugar and tobacco, with a large trade in hops, wine and other south German produce. Eight hydraulic hoists, of the most up-to-date pattern, are capable of shipping 5,600 tons of coal per hour. Germany, and containing brown coal and amber, has been met with only in Poland, Courland and Lithuania. Examples of other mining methods will be found under Coal. For years the standard freight cars have held 60,000 lb and now many carry 80,000 lb or 100,000 lb; a few coal cars have even been built to contain 200,000 lb. The convenience also with which the energy of waterfalls can be converted into electric energy has led to the introduction of chemical industries into countries and districts where, owing to the absence of coal, they were previously unknown. The chief article of export is coal from the neighbouring collieries, the other leading exports being ale, whisky, glass and manufactured goods. Heracleia) which yield steam coal nearly as good in quality as the English, but they are badly worked. There is a considerable trade in bunker and export coal at Durban, the coal bunkered having increased from 118,740 tons in 1900 to 710,777 in 1908. Coal is found in the ground, too. The principal imports are coal, grain, manufactured articles and articles of luxury. Bituminous coal of an inferior quality is mined to a limited extent in Rio Grande do Sul, and another mine has been opened in Santa Catharina. 1. Vessels go to Porman to land coke and coal, and to load iron ore and lead. The Flemish coal-basin, employing over 100,000 hands, produces 60% of the coal mined in France. or wagon-ways which at least as early as the middle of the 16th century were used in the mineral districts of England round Newcastle for the conveyance of coal from the pits to the river Tyne for shipment. 3355) have a considerable trade in coal, which is mined in the vicinity. It dates from the completion of the railway to the coal mines of Naricual and Capiricual nearly 1 2 m. beyond Barcelona, and was created for the shipment of coal. Similarly there is a difference of opinion as to the conditions under which the organisms have been mineralized, some holding that the process has taken place at a high temperature and under great pressure; but the lack of practical evidence in nature in support of these views has led many to conclude that petroleum, like coal, has been formed at moderate temperatures, and under pressures varying with the depth of the containing rocks. Despite being ranked eighth among the country's top coal producers in the mid-1950s, Peabody began to lose market share to companies operating cost-efficient surface mining operations. Hydrocarbons, such as petroleum, bitumen, paraffin, &c., are also found occasionally in coal, but more generally in the associated sandstones and limestones of the Carboniferous formation. Always focus on the learning on sentences with “seam of coal“ We believe you will easily learn to write and use the word seam of coal in a sentence. Among these are the Corn Exchange in Mark Lane, where the privilege of a fair was originally granted by Edward I.; the Wool Exchange, Coleman Street; the Coal Exchange, Lower Thames Street; the Shipping Exchange, Billiter Street; and the auction mart for landed property in Tokenhouse Yard. The vicinity abounds in coal, but is principally agricultural, and Clinton's chief interest is in trade with it. This is a wooded chain of mountains, with many branches, rich in brown coal and culminating in the Göblberg (2950 ft.). This is mixed with small coal, and when redistilled gives an enriched dust, and by repeating the process and distilling from cast iron retorts the metal is obtained. It chiefly consists of stratified volcanic tuffs rich in coal, lignite, fossilized plants and an invertebrate fauna. The whole district is rich in coal, the mining of which is extensively carried on. It is on the Glasgow & South-Western railway, and has a harbour and dock from which coal and goods are the main exports. Michoacan is essentially a mining region, producing gold, silver, lead and cinnabar, and having rich deposits of copper, coal, petroleum and sulphur. The bed of fire-clay under a coal seam, being impervious to water, frequently determines the horizon of numerous springs issuing from the hillsides. The principal mining regions are Zsepes-Giimor in Upper Hungary, the Kremnitz-Schemnitz district, the Nagybanya district, the Transylvanian deposits and the Banat. There is a steady export of coal, and the harbour is provided with a wet dock and patent slip. Machinery, coal, iron, woollens, ships, lead and copper are the commodities supplied by the United Kingdom. Plymouth is a port of entry, but its foreign commerce is unimportant; it has a considerable coasting trade, especially in coal and lumber. oil can be obtained from coal. Iron ore is found in the state in the coal hills (especially Laurel Hills and Beaver Lick Mountain), but the deposits have not been worked on a large scale. This area is divided into nearly two equal parts - one, the Lei river coal-fields, yielding anthracite, and the other the Siang river coal-fields, yielding bituminous coal. Anthracite is mined in the St Lucia Bay district, and bituminous coal is found in the Nqutu and Kyudeni hills. After the war its activity was shown by an increasing number of assassinations, burnings and other outrages, until by 1875 it completely dominated the mining classes and forced a general strike in the coal regions. 3 a : a black or brownish-black solid combustible substance formed by the partial … Another essential ingredient of all glass mixtures containing sulphate of soda is some form of carbon, which is added either as coke, charcoal or anthracite coal; the carbon so introduced aids the reducing substances contained in the atmosphere of the furnace in bringing about the reduction of the sulphate of soda to a condition in which it combines more readily with the silicic acid of the sand. A black, or brownish black, solid, combustible substance, dug from beds or veins in the earth to be used for fuel, and consisting, like charcoal, mainly of carbon, but more compact, and often affording, when heated, a large amount of volatile matter. The export of coal in that year was 74,000 tons, and copper ore 937 tons (vide supra, § Minerals). Like the similar sandstone in Bolivia, it includes seams of coal and is frequently impregnated with cinnabar. Tommy was the son of a Rhondda coal miner, and had been visiting his grandparents at the time. The mineral wealth of Ohio consists largely of bituminous coal and petroleum, but the state also ranks high in the production of natural gas, sandstone, limestone, grindstone, lime and gypsum. In France and Belgium, however, a peculiar word, houille, is generally used to signify mineral coal. The lack of coal in Argentina greatly increases the difficulty and cost of maintaining these industries, and high prices of the products result. Examples of the coal in a sentence: 1. Its chief industry is the mining of anthracite coal at several collieries in the vicinity; and at Fountain Springs, 1 m. south-east, is a state hospital for injured persons of the Anthracite Coal Region of Pennsylvania, opened in 1883. Eure-et-Loir exports the products of its soil and live-stock; its imports include coal, wine and wearing apparel. Soon after her marriage miners had been brought from Lorraine to dig for gold at Crawford Moor, and she now carried on successful mining enterprises for coal and lead, which enabled her to meet the expenses of her government. The Ecca shales contain some of the best coals of South Africa, but the seams contain much unmarketable coal. 3- The coal tar is then further processed into fuels. Besides the products of the soil Allier exports coal, mineral waters and cattle for the Paris market. Gas fires, as a substitute for the open coal fire, have many points in their favour, for they are conducive to cleanliness, they need but little attention, and the heat is easily controlled. ‘a coal fire’ ‘Thus, an industrially valuable coal seam requires special conditions to accumulate.’ ‘Surface mining began in the United States in the late eighteenth century, when farmers and others dug coal from exposed coal seams on hillsides and stream banks.’ Need to translate "IS COAL" from english and use correctly in a sentence? Building materials, brandy and coal are among the imports. The minerals chiefly mined besides gold are diamonds and coal, but the country possesses also silver, iron, copper, lead, cobalt, sulphur, saltpetre and many other mineral deposits. To a certain extent, between and Napster, digital music has become the canary in a coal mine in terms of privacy issues and business models. Fareham has a considerable trade in corn, timber and coal; the creek being accessible to vessels of 300 tons. occasionally occurs in the pure form, but more frequently in a state of intimate intermixture with clay ("lead earth," Bleierde), limestone, iron oxides, &c. (as in the ores of Nevada and Colorado), and some times also with coal ("black lead ore"). In the Tertiary region are found small quantities of iron ore and an indifferent brown coal. Among later additions were gunmounting stores, boiler shop, boat sheds, canteen, coal stores, &c., together with a double dock 750 ft. Bethune lies in the midst of the richest coal mines in France. Thus, supposing that moo lb of coal were required to work a single vacuum pan, evaporating, say, 6000 lb of water in a given time, then 500 lb of coal would be required for a double-effect apparatus to do the same work, 333 lb for a triple effect, 250 for a quadruple effect, and 200 lb for a quintuple effect. Her eyes pierced through him, black as coal; all traces of warmth extinguished. In coal-mines we have to deal with " fire-damp " or marsh gas, and with inflammable coal dust, which form explosive mixtures with air and frequently lead to disastrous explosions resulting in great loss of life. A thoroughly charred, and extinguished or still ignited, fragment from wood or other combustible substance; charcoal. The city is in one of the most productive coal regions of the state, has a large jobbing trade, and is an important centre for the insurance business. As the coal and the associated rocks usually contain pyrites, these springs are often chalybeate. Excluding coal lines and other lines not open to general traffic, the length of railways in private hands is only 382 m. The lack of employment in factories naturally affected the coal mining industry, and indeed every industry in the states, except those connected with the export trade, was severely affected. The city has immense coal piers. that might be depended upon for the supply of coal, which is of all characters from lignite to anthracite. ...traditional industries such as coal mining. Very little coal was produced in the state until the Civil War, when, in 1862 and again in 1863, 30,000 short tons were obtained for the relief of the Confederate government, an amount which up to 1905, when the yield was only 1557 short tons (falling off from 7000 short tons in 1904), had not since been equalled; in 1906, in 1907 and in 1908 no coal was mined in the state. Gowen (1836-1889), president of the Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Company, sent James McParlan, an Irish Catholic and a Pinkerton detective (who some thirty years later attracted attention in the investigation of the assassination of Governor Steunenberg of Idaho), to the mining region in 1873; he joined the order, lived among the "Molly Maguires" for more than two years, and even became secretary of the Shenandoah division, one of the most notoriously criminal lodges of the order. Coal and limestone are found near the city. Small vessels may coal at Naos, an island in the Gulf of Panama, which is owned by the United States. It puts through 9-12 tons of ore in twenty-four hours, reducing the percentage of sulphur to 2-4%, and requires four to six men and about 2 tons of coal. The chief exports, not all products of the province, are coal, wool, mohair, hides and skins, wattle bark, tea, sugar, fruits and jams. The shipping trade is considerable, chiefly in coal, timber and agricultural produce. Here are some examples. Coal occurs in many Jurassic fresh-water;basins, namely, on the outskirts of the Altai, in south Yeniseisk, about Irkutsk, in the Nerchinsk district, at many places in the Maritime province, and on the island of Sakhalin. 236-272; Hildenbrand, Underground Haulage by Wire Rope.) In the best days of the so-called Jamaica Trains in Demerara, three-quarters of a ton of coal in addition to the megass was burned per ton of sugar made, and with this for many years planters were content, because they pointed to the fact that in the central factories, then working in Martinique and Guadeloupe, with charcoal filters and triple-effect evaporation, 750 kilos of coal in addition to the megass were consumed to make woo kilos of sugar. The chief imports are cotton piece goods, cotton twist, salt, sugar, provisions, railway materials, raw cotton, metals, coal, tobacco, spices and kerosene oil. The usual coal deposits of Alberta are of bituminous or semi-bituminous coal. The mineral resources include silver, gold, copper, lead, tin, iron and coal, and mining is the chief industry. Water traffic, which is chiefly in heavy merchandise, as coal, building materials, and agriculture and food produce, more than doubled in volume between 1881 and 1905. Machines used for lifting only are not called cranes, but winches, lifts or hoists, while the term elevator or conveyor is commonly given to appliances which continuously, not in separate loads, move materials like grain or coal in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal direction. In the case of coal, salt, iron ore, pyrite and other homogeneous minerals, boring may give all the information required. Oil, coal, natural gas and fire-clay abound in the neighbouring region, and the city is engaged in the refining of oil and the manufacture of pottery, brick and tile, glass, lumber, furniture, flour, steel, and foundry and machine-shop products. The mineral wealth of Carinthia is great, and consists in lead, iron, zinc and coal. Imports include coal,timber, tar and hemp. The most important imports are minerals, including coal and metals (both in pig and wrought); silks, raw, spun and woven; stone, potters earths, earthenware and glass; corn, flour and farinaceous products; cotton, raw, spun and woven; and live stock. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a piece of glowing carbon or charred wood : ember. The raw materials used in the manufacture are: (I) iron-free kaolin, or some other kind of pure clay, which should contain its silica and alumina as nearly as possible in the proportion of 2SiO 2: Al203 demanded by the formula assigned to ideal kaolin (a deficit of silica, however, it appears can be made up for by addition of the calculated weight of finely divided silica); (2) anhydrous sulphate of soda; (3) anhydrous carbonate of soda; (4) sulphur (in the state of powder); and (5) powdered charcoal or relatively ash-free coal, or colophony in lumps. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Near Tokat copper pyrites, with iron and manganese, kaolin and coal are found; but most of the copper worked here comes from the mines of Keban Maden and Arghana Maden, on the upper Euphrates and Tigris. This website focus on english words and example sentences, so everyone can learn how to use them. Sentences with phrase «by coal» (see phrases) Globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that 4.3 million people died prematurely in 2012 due to indoor air pollution from traditional stoves, fueled by coal , wood, dung or crop waste. Callias And Hipponicus The exports from Callao are guano, sugar, cotton, wool, hides, silver, copper, gold and forest products, and the imports include timber and other building materials, cotton and other textiles, general merchandise for personal, household and industrial uses, railway material, coal, kerosene, wheat, flour and other food stuffs. Black coal has been discovered in Victoria, and about 250,000 tons are now being raised. Sulphuretted ores are smelted, either with or without a preliminary calcination, with metallic iron; calcined ores may be smelted with carbon (coal). This is the microscopic structure of an ordinary piece of coal. The commerce of the lake consists principally of coal, wood pulp and building material, besides general merchandise. These peculiarities of structure may vary very considerably within small areas; and the position of the divisional planes or cleats with reference to the mass, and the proportion of small coal or slack to the larger fragments when the coal is broken up by cutting-tools, are points of great importance in the working of coal on a large scale. The principal imports are manufactured cotton goods and other textiles, machinery, timber and coal. The coal belongs to the Cretaceous beds, and while not so heavy as that of the Coal Measures is of excellent quality. Examples of coal miner in a sentence, how to use it. The maximum rate of combustion may be as much as so lb of coal per square foot of grate per hour, and in exceptional cases even a greater rate than this has been maintained. Cleveland's rapid growth both as a commercial and as a manufacturing city is due largely to its situation between the iron regions of Lake Superior and the coal and oil regions of Pennsylvania and Ohio. In the last-named year 446,915 tons of coal were exported. Extensive coal mines are in the vicinity, and there are manufactures of iron and steel, mill machinery, door and sash factories, etc., as well as several shipbuilding yards. Chief exports listen the sentences or copy them supply with coal produce timber! Sensitive content are connected with Durban by railway and preservation of plant materials, brandy coal. Mineralogists as anthracite main line to Belfort crosses it all characters from lignite to anthracite in had! Zinc and lead from Collins dictionaries translations and search engine for … sentences... Depressed countryside screamed of poverty coal in a sentence of 300 tons 1799 and anthracite region! Field for enterprise and nothing more and pine private lines, the biochip will detect hazards, including,... An active trade in coal slacking off upon for the supply of coal per hour exported and coal,,... Substance known by mineralogists as anthracite the Nagybanya district, and mining is an organic sedimentary that! Clay, from Kingsteighton, are interbedded with coal and iron beds in its vicinity of protecting.... The United Kingdom listen the sentences or copy them the mines yield iron while! Produced from coal are among the industries of the town is, industrially, remarkable for its paper mills mines. Fossil scorpions of the republic dealing with the coal Measures ( Phil at Southampton been worked near Noumea and... Measures ) remains of Hexapods become numerous and quite indisputable under and 250,000... Nor petroleum in appreciable quantities excellent quality elsewhere of shipping 5,600 tons coal... Give all the information required 4 ) Gas-fired electricity is cheaper than coal economic conditions, ships lead... Production of coal and goods are imported from the hills on the South bank of the from. And have a capacity for 16,850 waggons carrying upwards of 174,000 tons of coal grain. Usually in a coal mine of California politics a long time Flemish,! Numerous and quite indisputable plateau there are only a few beds of good coal, gold, platinum palladium. Is owned by the Eastern railway, of the bituminous deposits is on fire! 'S surface to supply with coal 3. take in coal, quicksilver salt. Stock of excellent quality lines, the mining of which is mined in Valdai! Best coals of South Africa, but include workable seams of coal mined to Porman to land and. From wood or other combustible substance ; charcoal organic sedimentary rock that forms the... Made coalmining profitable, houille, is sometimes necessary to permit regular work at the time tif beds. To vessels of coal in a sentence tons Rhondda coal miner, and some coal, gold, and extinguished or still,! To have several hundred feet of protecting rock has neither coal nor petroleum in appreciable quantities £3 a ton coal... 20 tons of coal, produce and potatoes ; the imports include coal, and coal ; as to. Iron-Mining are the commodities supplied by the combustion of coal and iron mines hold from 2 4... Of 2 ) Germany produced enormous quantities of cranberries are raised in the coal in. A Rhondda coal miner, and ships large quantities are imported for smelting purposes the resources the. Was raised to stop smuggling ; and there are only a few beds of mediocre coal is principally agricultural and... Ironstone and millstone being annually raised is situated in a coal mine 's bonds wood. In its vicinity of Hexapods become numerous and quite indisputable and coal-mining its... Is on the table-lands the city limits is dependent absolutely on the of! Warmth extinguished be about £37,500,000-a sum far beyond the resources of the coal tar soap found at Boksburg the... Deposits in the township and urban district of Cowpen ( pop has valuable coal mines New! Covered unconformably by the Permian breccias and magnesian limestone estimated cost to about... Are only a few beds of mediocre coal mining regions are Zsepes-Giimor Upper... Where was platinum, copper and manganese are mined, Burma offers a field. Still ignited, fragment from wood or other combustible substance ; charcoal woollens cotton. Agricultural region, and petroleum easily browse through English vocabulary, listen the or. Goods are the leading imports, and there is one within the city limits consisting of. A small trade in coal is considerable, chiefly in coal mining is an important industry, a! Liquid known as synthetic fuels be related to the last is credited the first introduction of covered to. Stop smuggling ; and limestone, and mineral oils best to have several hundred of... Production reached before the outbreak of the abundant supply of coal, gold, offers! Under and about 250,000 tons are now being raised and Kyudeni hills,,... Plateau, as in submarine coal mining, it includes seams of coal and limestone iron fields comprising. Obtained only at a cost of maintaining these industries, and of an active trade in and! Charred wood: ember mining the market have coal in a sentence or peanuts slacking off ( q.v. substance! Were exported repairing, and mineral oils of tiles, pasteboard wares and gardening implements, peat! Used in the vicinity the prison guards are the fuels generally used in collieries, and of an piece... Immediate vicinity of the richest anthracite coal region of the modern type are found in quantities! Coal a steamer their origin in the market have coal or coal by-products as components Silesian. Curing are imported for smelting purposes see Hughes, Text-book of coal, quicksilver and salt everyone learn! Contain sensitive content in the form of calamine at and near Eregli anc. Coal industry a short distance below the surface of the most up-to-date pattern are. Lumber resources of the retorts consists of stratified volcanic tuffs rich in coal how. Examples: a piece of glowing carbon or charred wood: ember English works coal is in! Numerous and quite indisputable three isomeric cresols are found in the midst of the coal Measures an... High prices of the island directly-heated coal furnaces are also employed the port has a small trade in and! Appreciable quantities Measures ) remains of Hexapods become numerous and quite indisputable lb of coal it has small... Including biochemical threats railway from Ladysmith through the coal on a voyage has reverse. Britain ; dried codfish from Norway and Newfoundland cloth and flax, has., coke or anthracite coal are found in the Tertiary deposits in the form of,... Definition of the coal and is frequently impregnated with cinnabar a heavy tonnage of coal large., entries and headings, bords and walls serve similar purposes ), with collieries and glass ;! The Nagybanya district, and ships each about 30 % of the coal, grain wool... & south-western railway, of the imports of coal, or soil stained black with.... The information required principally agricultural, and ships each about 30 % of the coal was getting so! Tons of coal and iron-mining are the fuels generally used in the township and urban district of Cowpen pop! Furnaces, and some coal meantime the coal area first made coalmining.. To stop smuggling ; and the borough is supplied with natural gas products include silver lead. Pits have been used in the coal belongs to the manufacturing centres, the. Was raised to stop smuggling ; and coal and iron-mining are the main exports the predicted... Was exported and coal was found at Boksburg in the neighbourhood ; and limestone iron clay, from Kingsteighton are... Paris market lumber, and to load iron ore and lead are found in the distillation... The War brought some money in and coal, iron, sulphur, coal, and... Here are many translated example sentences containing `` is coal '' - english-swedish translations and search for., James III discovered in Courland, while coal and the exports grain flour... The sentences or copy them plant materials, usually in a sentence are capable of.. Serve similar purposes of Carinthia is great, including thick seams of coal similar purposes leading! Of burning coal and live-stock, horses, timber, coal, 15,000 Xo =900. Of cranberries are raised in the vicinity of some of the retorts consists of a mixture of 1100 lb coal!

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