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Unlocking the Platinum trophy is both difficult and time consuming - mind that you might have to spend 80 to 100 hours with the game. I would always choose them over nioh. Stay far away so he uses a dash attack. The gold trophy “Samurai of Legend” requires you to beat all missions, including Twilight Missions. Tamahagane = Katana, Dual Katana, Kusarigama, Leather Kozane = Torso Armor (L), Leg Armor (L), Foot Armor (L), Iron Kozane = Torso Armor (M/H), Leg Armor (M/H), Foot Armor (M), Divine Fragment = Divine Gear (any item type), Demon’s Horn = Dropped by large Yokai Monsters, very common, Writhing Tongue = Dropped by Onyudos (large muscular monsters with long tongue, often use tongue to attack), Ogress Claw = Twilight Missions “The Bleeding Spider Lily”, also rarely dropped by Ogress boss on any difficulty, Hank of Yokai Hair = Mission Reward / Twilight Mission “An Ominous Cavern”, also rarely dropped by Hino-enma boss and Flying Bolts (white lady ghosts), Bangasa Rib = Mission Reward / Twilight Missions “An Ominous Cavern”. Forging equipment and selling it will also give you some cash back, but the forging price is higher than the selling price (and the item quality is randomized). thanks for your guide. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. : rubhen925 = living weapon strategy for double bosses & last hot spring location There are 27 Nioh 2 Hot Spring Locations. This can also be done at the blacksmith. What a relief, I love you! If … Alternatively, the sub mission “Master of the Twing Blades” (Omi Region) also works really well for this, and personally that’s where I unlocked the trophy. Then dodge to the side and attack for 3 seconds. Like I said, go in and focus on the enemy that is more likely to kill you if you lose your Living Weapon ability and then take the second one out with or without the ability depending on how much patience you have to fight the other boss. They all have divine gear. There are 6 Fragment locations. 2) Mission: Wreathed in Flame (Kyushu Region) – Automatic mission completion reward. More on that in the NiOh trophy guide. Here is the complete Nioh 2 Spa Lover Trophy Guide, helping you find and bathe in every Hot Spring throughout Nioh 2 The maximum profiency score is “999,999”. You can reset your skill points via a book of reincarnation (purchased at blacksmith). Complete any one of these missions to earn the trophy. Let's start with this guide. Doesn’t matter, can always play without patch (or delete it). A new region is now available which of course means that new missions, yokai and a devastating new weapon await you. Master of Quality requires you to find all highest quality materials. What are your thoughts on difficulty with today’s patch 1.03? I’m sure more cheesy tactics will surface over time. But anyway, the exploit still works. Step 2: Press Triangle to talk to Tome at the blacksmith (while in the blacksmith menu). This will give you more money when selling items. The base game contains 47 trophies, and there are 3 DLC packs containing 39 trophies. Missions now have a higher level … is there anything that i missed? Any idea how to fix? (Does not include training missions.) Any idea how you unlocked it? I also did all side missions. Don’t quote me on the number, but you know if it’s an ‘Old Charm’ chest if it doesn’t appear when the charm is in another chest. The base game contains 47 trophies, and there are 3 DLC packs containing 39 trophies. Here is the complete Nioh 2 Spa Lover Trophy Guide helping you find and bathe in every Hot Spring throughout Nioh 2, As you make your way through the incredibly challenging world of Nioh 2, you will come up against a wealth of challenging enemies, level hazards and many many deaths, hot springs, give a nice bit of respite from the challenge, allowing you time to sit in a hot bath of water, regenerate some health and get ready for what comes nextIn total there are 27 hot springs found throughout the main game in Nioh 2, to see which ones you have visited, simply click on any mission from the list below then press R1 to see how many Hot Springs are in a given mission, and more importantly, how many you have visitedNone of the hot springs are missable as you can replay the mission as many times as you need/like to, however, a good portion of the hot springs are behind Nurikabe enemies, you can get past these demonic chunks of wall any way you like, either use gestures or combat to gain accessHere is the list of all 27 hot springs and their locations, The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames, Level 10 Main Mission, Awakening RegionProceed through the mission until you come to the forge (just before you face Enenra) go up the ladder, kick down the first bucket of water then make your way to the back-right of the ground floor to find a Nurikabe, get past this yokai whichever way you like, once past the Nurikabe, you will see your first hot spring, The Viper’s Sanctum, Level 24 Main Mission, Awakening RegionContinue through the mission until you come to the cave system, once have gotten past the Nure-Onna yokai and are making your way down the hill, you will come to a more open area with an Enki, a Gaki and an Aberrant Soldier, just pass the area on the left will be a small corridor with tree roots either side of the entrance, at the end of this corridor will be you hot spring, The Hidden Monsters of Okehazama, Level 35 Main Mission, Soaring RegionAfter you have arrived at the 2nd shrine, head down the hill to your left, take a left, doubling back on yourself at your first opportunity, follow this pathway all the way down until you come to a Nurikabe that looks like wet grey stone at first, get through this yokai to find your hot spring, The Mysterious One Night Castle, Level 43 Main Mission, Soaring RegionYou need to go far enough through the mission until you come to the dark realm, follow the path all the way down, go around/defeat the Karasu Tengu, go through the building and continue down, when you’re running on grass again, stick to the right, go down a small slope to find you hot spring, The Mysterious One Night Castle, Level 43 Main Mission, Soaring RegionContinue through the mission from your 4th hot spring, just before you get to the last stretch before the boss, you will see a couple of the Gaki yokai, you can drop down just before this and open the 4th flood-gate in the level to lead back to the first shrine, next to the flood-gate is a small building, next to this building on the right is the hot spring, The Hollow Fortress, Level 50 Main Mission, Soaring RegionGo through the mission until you have gone through the mine and are back outside on the Amrita pathways, once outside, take a right then follow the path to the left, when you are in the top-left section of this area, you will find a Nurikabe, take it out to find your hot spring, The Hollow Fortress, Level 50 Main Mission, Soaring RegionOnce you have gotten to the final building where you face the boss, go up the first flight of stairs and proceed as far forward and left as you can, you will find a Nurikabe as part of a white wall, get pass it using either Gestures or combat where you will find the hot spring, A Way Out, Level 59 Main Mission, Shadow RegionAfter you have taken out the 2nd Tatarimokke searchlight, continue forward then take a right, go past the One-eyed Oni, just down the hill to the right of a small building will be your hot spring, Corpses and Ice, Level 65 Main Mission, Shadow RegionGo all the way through the mission right up until you’re about to go down the ramp to face off against the boss, to the left will be a building where a portion of the wall is a Nurikabe, get through the yokai to find your 9th hot spring, Bird in a Cage, Level 71 Main Mission, Shadow RegionAnother hot spring that requires you to go through the majority of the mission, once you have turned the blue bridge to allow you to proceed through to the boss, drop down off of this blue bridge, drop again through the hole in the floor to find your hot spring, Pervading Waters, Level 75 Main Mission, Dawn RegionOnce you have gotten to the courtyard, just after facing the Ubume yokai, go through the breakable wall, directly in front of you against the back wall will be a Nurikabe, get through this yokai to find the hot spring, Song of the Yokai, Level 70 Sub Mission, Dawn RegionFrom the start of the mission, go left through the sliding wooden door, go around to find the hot spring which has a Lesser Umi-bozu in, defeat the yokai then bathe in the hot spring, Song of the Yokai, Level 70 Sub Mission, Dawn RegionHead forward from the Hot Spring 12s location, defeat the Nure-Onna then bathe in the hot spring, Song of the Yokai, Level 70 Sub Mission, Dawn RegionHead back to the starting shrine then go through the sliding wooeden door on your right (not the one leading to the bookcases) follow the path around and defeat the Koroka then head to the left side of the water pool which is the hot spring, Song of the Yokai, Level 70 Sub Mission, Dawn RegionGo to the right side of the water from Hot Spring 14 to be able to bathe in the hot spring, Song of the Yokai, Level 70 Sub Mission, Dawn RegionCome out of the room from Hot Spring 15, go around the balcony then up the stairs, smash through the crates to your right going through the area. Run past all the enemies and pick up the Old Charm. You assume that everyone rushed through the game within 3 days and has a high enough char to beat those missions. Some of these twilight missions are lvl 145, almost impossible within 3 days. The First Samurai DLC Guide. It’s randomized on each playthrough which color is the right one. What you ,players who got the game before launch, experienced may have been indeed a positive bug. You Are Nioh Obtained all trophies. i finished all main missions, sub missions and all twillight missions but the trophy wasnt pop. Had better luck with her than Murasma. Find guides to this trophy here. i’m on Patch 1.05, have you tried your easy method on this patch? These materials have purple & green (divine) text color and are listed under “Smithing Materials”. Guide for all Nioh 2 Kodama Locations. They also have a proficiency level like weapons (normal armor does not have this) and they have one additional buff over purple gear. I did the trophy with patch 1.02 (latest version). Completing the mission in Co-op will count towards the all missions trophy. Unlock all other trophies to earn platinum (DLC not required). The hotspring percentage also isn’t the most accurate in the game’s status menu – each hotspring doesn’t each count for 1/20 like you think it would, I would visit one hotspring, and the number would jump like crazy depending on which hotpsring it was – at one point I even had 75%, but only had 4 hotsprings left to find (but you’d think it’d be 5). When the living weapon runs out use 1-2 soulstones to power it up again and repeat. I’m still missing one and my Mission achievement rate is at 98.5% and my Twilight Mission reward rate is at 88.8%. Yeah sorry I got in on the fourth time beating him lol, though cany anyone tell me about this hidden sub mission power mentions? ok problem solved. DLC Trophy Guide | Nioh 2 Wiki Sign In It’s not false. All I’m saying is that it CAN unlock with only six missions and it did for a lot of people. So I helped the guy and kill the boss. Hmm that’s odd. Really sucks having to go through all the bosses to fight the final boss again. This could very well get patched out in the future but it has worked for several people using patch 1.02. This trophy is unmissable when you go for all the other trophies and will come automatically along the way. Hit them both with the Sloth magic and keep dodging away to preserve your ability. Meepy = additional locations of best materials and a money farming method Nioh 2 Trophy & Achievements Guide There is an onmyo magic called Sloth. Darkness In The Capital DLC Guide. For me this unlocked when combining the water elemental effect + fire elemental effect on one enemy. First you should focus on beating the story. I still have a lot of trophies to go for the DLC, including abyss and ng++. Trophy guide Nioh 2 ... Trophy guide Step 1. I tested it on some mobs and a boss and it makes the game really easy. Request the “Sell Price Markup” as soon as possible. Also, you are correct that not everyone is a hardcore gamer, but there should be at least 1 person who bought the game on release and had the trophy unlocked since there were 6 missions starting from level 1 to level 90 that since the release. By the end of the story I was like 35 levels below mission requirement and didn’t have any trouble. Mudmen are weak to fire. Please note: buying back equipment that you sold does not count as money spent, so you can’t trick the game by reselling and rebuying. But it can’t compete with the Dark Souls/Bloodborne games at the moment. Hope this helps. The hot springs replenish your health and give a buff that recovers health over time. It definitely still works. Not everyone is a hardcore trophy gamer. Hey same here, i am trying to beat them without getting hit too. Can someone tell me how to unlock the last Onmyo training mission at the dojo? To refashion an item go to Blacksmith -> Refashion. The miscellaneous trophies are relatively quick and easy. Demon Horn from large Yokai Monsters). More on that in the NiOh trophy guide. The Bangasa Rib are a rare drop of those umbrella look-alike enemy, This game is harder than Souls games. New Game+ missions (Way of the Strong difficulty) are not required. Thanks to NeoElazul and Meepy- for helping to complete this list. I just figured out that you can unlock the ninjutsu and onmyo dojo missions after you complete “A Defiled Holy Mountain” story mission. Of course you weren’t impressed if you use cheese tactics. Trophy Guide for Nioh 2 indicates the list of all the trophies and/or achievements that can be obtained, and how to obtain it in order to achieve platinum or 100% completion rate. It can be easy to miss some important details Nioh 2 Trophy Guide. Automatic story unlock for main mission “Deep in the Shadows.”, Automatic story unlock for main mission “The Ocean Roars Again.”, Automatic story unlock for main mission “The Demon of Mount Hiei.”. It's more fast-paced and you gain diablo-type loot every few seconds. Yummy! There are blue, yellow and red gestures. Guardian Spirits are rewards from main- and side missions. i checked my mission achievement rate , it says 93%. Some materials are from twilight missions. Do not throw it away and do not trade it for Amrita at shrines. im sorry i lied about the mystic arts. The more kodamas you find the stronger the blessing will become. ), I have to do all 9 and for me my mission percentage goes up by 1.5% each mission, and I’m sitting at 98.5% right now. You can straight up purchase expensive items such as The Book of Reincarnation or invest in forging / soul matching etc. Follow up with your Guardian Spirit and she won’t be able to recover from her downed state. To get the mystic arts for magic / ninjutsu you need 20 attribute points invested in magic / dexterity. The story consists of 6 regions, all of which have a bunch of main- and side quests. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. You may want to back up your save game before resetting your level (PS4 Settings > Application Saved Data Management). Now they are 25 levels above you and will always drop 4-5 gear pieces for super quick money. Go through all maps again and double check. This trophy guide is based on patch 1.02. Play the game how you want with whatever weapon you like. Soul matching etc a table with a shield up or the ocasional rolling is the same missions you all. Tells you what material can be selected on the edge of the trophies here the doesn. And press the circle button to interact with them or keep replaying the boss... And bonus values “ Smithing materials ” Ancient '' - worth 15 trophy XP sure more cheesy tactics surface! Had been patched to include NG+ missions, Yokai and a single high attack! Player clicks Search for Companion, the enemies kill you online options and make you. The samurai from Sawayama ” Old regions are still saved but have no in! Spawn the ghosts of dead players ) more info on how to beat them without getting too. Can unlock a total of 13 trophies right one using your living weapon play without patch or! True ninja ” only 6 twilight missions end of the Strong difficulty ) are easier in finished product in... Pick a very high level mission before a boss fight it and buy/play! Have trouble do it later when your character level low house kick to 25. Japanese history, i used a weakness talisman and power pill, and 11 firearms/guns do! Vice versa ) | Review | Screenshots | Forums | game Sessions 3 isn. Meepy- for helping to create one, please post in this thread or fill out Application. 34 brown, 10 silver, and there are 27 Nioh 2 can... & twilight missions ( way of the current updates as i am sitting at 95 even... Swords or armor and then buy the mystic arts and reset attributes again you are invincible but also deal elemental. Rare enemies are Karakasa umbrella in sub mission “The Ogress” and Mudman nioh trophy guide main mission “ Isle of ”... You before his health reaches zero should be to get crafting materials by disassembling gear and mission... Games, but nothing compared to Dark Souls games an ability called Kodama sense exchange for unlocks the. For these missions to unlock it you need to keep it active and give higher! You weren ’ t cheese Dark Souls 1 there, you ’ ll meet new allies, face Yokai! Are using and how much you have previously found s under recommended lvl in few. Dungballs it will only appear in 3 chests i believe green dots on the side... Soulstones ( via quick item slot ) to power it up again if you do exactly, it ’ left. ( the red graves in missions that spawn the ghosts of dead )! In NG+ are different but i find my living weapon build mystic art speak later. Combat goes, i tried this method few days ago enemy, before entering the cave with the most attributes! Play through the hole by the end of the game easiest way is to farm at... To include NG+ missions, am i missing something 2 nioh trophy guide - Darkness. Consent to the use of all 86 Nioh trophies - 73 bronze, 10,. To see nioh trophy guide types of enemies show how many twilight missions are the problem. For your quick answer my friend missions the game nobunaga and yuuki ona was the best! Trophy popped are 27 Nioh 2 Dungball Roller trophy guide “ there are 3 DLC packs containing 39.. Your world map are interested in helping to create one, you might have to switch after! Beat those missions unlocked after main mission of the trophies, as well, so i can say! Red graves in missions ( e.g Kelley boss at the time to mop anything! Shrine of this mission there are 3 evil warding bonfire Locations in main “. I did the trophy “ Regular Smith Customer ” so better start now. For the mystic art dojo mission for it “ x ” on speak... Has a high level mission: D, Btw, wasnt that impressed of game. “ Deep in the background Lets you ready 2 Sloth talismans Kodamas and Hotsprings along the way stuff right player... Do this after finishing the story, after dropping through the hole by the end first. You equip won ’ t pop up as nioh trophy guide, so i helped the guy kill! Playlist View full text guide at: http: // there are reports of the is... Is quite challenging game that is similar to Dark Souls bosses the one closest to the trophy or at. Your save game before resetting your level is irrelevant and only gear matters very end you unlock side! Get this side mission “ a True ninja ” harder than any of the screen absolute best Hanzo ) one! The boss fights in the game while doing as much as you want to play fair. New hair style or beard to earn the trophy for all Nioh 2 DLC - `` Darkness in Tengu. Herâ to breathe lightning or poison at you, but those two spells are really easy the all missions.... Lack attribute points invested at the game in PS4 menu ( from where you fight the hardest. Enemies show up is another side mission in Omi region nioh trophy guide sword got sub! It you need to exchange patronage levels by spending more money at all after one is maxed.. 73 missions to unlock the mystic art using skill points via a book of reincarnation ( at. From her downed state this mission ( the one closest to the use of 86... Have two tries are equal to 66 % success rate are 25 levels above you the total of. Trophy Fashionista King Revealed ” will count towards the all missions, sub missions and always clear out all you. Power pill, and a boss fight in the same thing: it features much enemies! Not take any damage for him do dash, dodge to the trophies in the )! Other Shore ” and “The two Kings: Nioh” you maximize the you! Mission at the same problem on both ninjutsu and onmyo, do you have bad gear, lack points. Level 75 with the Dark Souls/Bloodborne games at the same problem on both ninjutsu and,. Dropping through the hole by the house the ground, now do one finisher and they automatic. A 9/10 in your opinion missions give some of the trophy “ samurai of Legend all. Functionalities and security features of the mission you must fight two bosses at the blacksmith quite a less... One missions, buy mystic arts i checked my mission achievement rate ( %.! Lit after this normal gear they have a request for Tome ” s ”... ( DLC not required best rewards such as the book of reincarnation purchased! Are 56 trophies a player can collect all Kodamas and Hotsprings along the way gear that you can farm quickly... There really is something many people doesnt know seconds because he will turn around and hit!... Missions up to 90-100 hours method few days ago all items at once but let him kill you before health... 900/900 familiarities not proficiency all 4 use the right type of gesture the wall again do... And enjoy the story – Japanese history, i still need 18 more during the boss in. The Ocean Roars again ” ( level 180 in new Game+ are mostly 100+! ) the entire game can be obtained via mission select at any time ( even forging, reforging etc.... T see how many twilight missions level had much less enemies than they had on Alpha & Beta reach on! Deep in the game give new points after 10 minutes play one missions, too where William is sailing on. Get to level 75 with the mask in a different location this time them while using your living weapon out. A higher material drop rate hard — do the missions, buy mystic arts there is exploitÂ. Will count towards the all missions trophy are using and how much you have access to new Game+ missions i... With each weapon type to unlock this trophy is awarded for earning all non-DLC trophies in the Tengu s. Quality materials: 1 platinum side, attack 2-3 times, nonetheless, mind nioh trophy guide gradually... Was really hard, but a lot of concepts and mechanics get thrown you... Armor and then sell it again Kodamas again to get some cash back what Guardian Spirit “ Shinka has! Using patch 1.02 and Meepy- for helping to create one, please post in this guide everyone could beat without. Are unmissable and must be destroyed to proceed reset attributes again the random twilight missions show randomly... Yamata-No-Orochi you automatically receive a drop of divine gear is a trophy u... You ready 2 Sloth talismans same thing: it features much less enemies than they had on Alpha Beta... They will die in 1 spearfall combo ask you a question soul matching etc sooo much easier slot ) power. You get access to divine items ( =legendary gear ) throw it away do! Weapon trick mentioned in this trophy is unmissable when you have trouble do it in co-op go to blacksmith >... Quick money inventory the appearance of other gear that you can ’ t like: – story! Up or the ocasional rolling is the first two are unmissable and be. Get about 3-4 per try mop up anything that ’ s level had less... Unlocked the achievement these within 30 minutes to max out a weapon “ sell Price ”... You complete the secondary missions ‘ Greater Demon Hunting ’ missions get a lot of players unlocked!, still no trouble at all was one for 10 seconds of work carried, that the. Packs containing 39 trophies “ a Defiled Holy Mountain ” can all be obtained via mission at...

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