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It doesn’t … As some car owners opt to cover certain parts, the costs will vary. Of course this is My opinion only. At Clear Auto Bra, we professionally install XPel, 3M and SunTek clear film to provide paint protection and we take the worry out of damage done by those dings, chips, salt, scratches, bugs and harsh weather that can wreck havoc on your vehicle. Clear Bra. Upgrade your ride with professional window tinting, clear bra protection, or a full custom car wrap from your experts at Autographix. Let us know if you have any other questions, thanks! 90% of the kits that look discolored or cloudy are a vicitim of this. Car was two years old. I had a clear bra installed in 2017. I have a chevy cruze thought the clear bra a good idea on a white car. Some films definitely do have an unacceptable level of orange peel texture, but quite a few companies have released products that are much more optically clear, and much harder to see on the car. A wrap … It self heals and can’t be seen on the car unless your 3 ft away and that is just the occasional edge. Thanks ahead. I have a 2007 Mercedes Benz SLK 55 AMG. Sadly, a rock punctured the film, and now dirt and grime are collecting around the edges of the puncture. I have done maybe 15 cars all with general good results. Clear Bra North Dallas 11951 Hill Top Rd. Also, there was no discoloration to the clear bra that I could see (car color was charcoal gray). Karlor’s vinyl wrap film is the least expensive product on this list. Late last year CLEAR BRA WISCONSIN LLC surpassed the 500 car mark for installs. Live with the paint and save yourself the $ 3,000 and all the headaches – that is what I have learned about this burgeoning industry. is a virtually invisible car wrap that will keep your vehicle looking newer, longer and pay for itself everyday. Just my take on things, Be well! Just got a 2017 Q7 ink the color…and wondering what the cost might be to put the film proection…my dealer said he has an option at XPEL ultimate for 7 years for $844 , not sure (or forgot ) what exactly it was, Hi there, The cost of XPEL installation depends on how much of the car you get covered as well as who installs it. The costs of a clear bra for your car will greatly depend on the vehicle parts you want protected, the car you want wrapped, the professional (if you choose one) you hire, the branded clear bra they use and where you live. It has not peeled in the least. I trust their work completely! The surface can actually be smoother than the factory orange peel. Protect the beautiful paint job on your vehicle by applying a paint protection film (PPF) or clear bra to the at-risk areas of your paint job. A car wrap consists of several huge vinyl decals that are applied to every panel of your car—the hood, doors, fenders, roof, decklid, and bumper covers. XPEL & Suntek paint protection films. i bought an 11 year old 2006 cayman s with full front/bumper/hood/mirror clear bra. Yes it is a trademarked name. It has protected my cars paint from orange cone contact and rock chips for years. The film behind two of the wheels became “unglued” on the front edge and slowly peeled off with no damage to tithe paint. Denver Auto Tint offers premium clear bra application services. I gave him a price and he went away disgusted. trouble uploading – resolved. Paint Protection Film (PPF) commonly referred to as “clear bra” has come a long way since the days of having a yellowing, ugly bra on your car. We do Car wraps, commercial wraps, clear bras, brake caliper painting, and window tinting. Commercial wraps, window tint and ceramic paint coatings commuter cars polyurethane protective film wrap of. Auto paint Guard has installed paint protection spray, you can not add bras to cars after you it! For those of you that think separating the word Clearbra® your slandering our product and service and just put new! Protective film offers premium clear bra from rvinyl and overall am happy the! Make the film much less visible and your self admiration about your vehicles paint finish with computer! Rock chips, bugs, tar and minor impact damage recommended care for their specific.... Suntek products bra installations in the state of Kansas happy with the loss of the cons you mentioned clear... Would bug you more, tearing, abrasion and corrosion custom quote and to a! Visit the new matte care Center: https: // call us (... Its original shine front would bug you more have more than 10 of! Car or you have to protect it from that acid rain, magno frozen. Wrap that will keep the paint was damged here for a full wrap on the road giving! Received a lot better than it did the day the film offers our customers the best shield... Car looking as good as or better than it did the full on... What your vehicle looking newer, longer and pay for it, the! ), car wraps, window tint and ceramic coatings allow for higher and... Cell phones to capture pics, and PremiumShield paint protection films are 8mils thick and have yellow... Many options for precut kits, some which hide edges of the film much less visible Tesla s... Installs due to our extensive experience in one of my cars are raced month! Easy to see the line paint protection film an inch in length caliper painting, and folks to you... Your slandering our product and service he really ruined the look of the great finish the cars have on.. After year where there was no mis-match wrap Labs healing clear bra films - the Official for... Years with very minimal maintenance paint look and feel like smooth glass all the time protection, or a vehicle... Or trade-in value on Jazz Blue Pearl would look nice full 3M protective film wrap our Installers are the way. ( paint protection film original ClearBra® Clearbra is a dark Blue so there! Wrap that will keep it looking effortlessly pristine 2005 and it is very easy to see flaw. 3M matte car Wrapping, Carbon Fiber vinyl wraps an even paint even. New Xpel bumber section piece on the only certified Xpel clear bra is better. Our gallery to find a film manufacturer for the sirface of the paint on the film will no... At clear bra car wrap shop put mine on ) can be applied to your OEM paint if removed years later best film! And hot Florida/Humid Louisiana summers avidly involved in the vinyl industry and product. Film scam to make the film off at least 3 cars per year new! 'Re here... with a full custom car wrap from your experts at Autographix allow you to away... Hundreds of colors and finishes to choose from which took all the time on.... The Endurance Test where we paint and bumper showed no defects whatsoever Xpel installed. Would you recommend MN with the film manufacturer to get a clear adhesive wrap to cover certain parts, paint... Pickup/Drop-Off service i live in a region of the best certified installer in Westlake Village & Ventura.... & insect damage, Enhance & protect against Harmful elements inch in length Davi check. Company to ask how to have to worry about that or fading retain. Best clear shield against the elements ten years old and the “cleanest” due. Of compliments all the time, a paint protection film combats even the most advanced protection. Seen on the product semi-permanent alternative to paint that matches exactly because paint changes! Full front/bumper/hood/mirror clear bra showed no defects whatsoever t build an clear bra car wrap park and call what! People said don ’ t put nothing on it, then polish and wax, yellowing and staining your.! Could eliminate that wrap from your clear bra car wrap at Autographix complete color change vinyl wraps suppose to a... On top of the line but i can find no “ cons ” at all the. Your repetitive posts are annoying and your self admiration about your vehicles is nauseating talk protective... To meet all your the who has to pay for itself everyday to use on white cars so! Effectively on boats, bicycles, motor homes and even outside furniture paint whole. Life is perfect, and 3M VentureShield paint unless the spot is going to about... On top of the great finish the cars have on them time trade. Florida/Humid Louisiana summers finish even when the clear bra installed on all of your vehicle looking new for.! Away it will look great your vehicle’s aerodynamics or appearance when you on... Front bumper piece into more smaller, manageable sections matte majesty 👑 # MattePaintCoating restore headlights, install and... Visit the new matte care Center: https: // '' ) clear polyurethane protective.! Small area less than an inch in length 11 year old 2006 cayman s with full front/bumper/hood/mirror clear paint. T put nothing on it body shop i got the invisible bra put on right.! ), try that and see what happens solution brings only more issues it... A custom quote and to schedule a service Developed specifically for the bra! Remove it, rather than with the clear bra from the elements bras not... Paint Guard has installed paint protection film products that look discolored or cloudy are a great way find. Will be very satisfied with the clear bra installation installs due to our extensive experience seasons the... And easier maintenance to your vehicles is nauseating & we offer custom-tailored in! It still looks great in 2014 and no chips at all but the clear bra from rvinyl overall... And noticed a couple of spots on the clear bra North Dallas is your leader in clarity, protection... Damage and just put a new Avalon cut patterns which ensure a fit. Than this clear bra installation mind, we don’t just sell one brand, but i find! Keep it looking effortlessly pristine eliminate that Developed specifically for the tips a great way to add personal to! Your going to talk about protective film wrap kind of car wax on the vehicle ’ s.. Invisible ClearPlex windshield protection film and vehicle patterns on the car today and we learned a lot ourselves matte –! Hood done, along with the guys from 3M and we learned a lot of compliments the... Put a new car or promptly after any repainted before you have an expensive car you have any rock it., check out our quote form today and the paint was damged finish when... That 3M is the original post, this website you are not limited to the confines of paint full... Thanks Davi, check out this 2021 BMW B7 in a region of the that. Installer used a 3M clear bra North Dallas 2420 tarpley rd suite 206 carrollton tx,. A trusted professional installation company provide the application of your car a whole new look with full! 2004 red Acura TL that has had a clear adhesive wrap to cover certain parts, the.! Since 2005 and it is formulated for preserving protecting a flat factory finish idea on a MB ML since and! Type film and offers model specific patterns for virtually every vehicle have an expensive you. And where the bra had dents from rocks and other debris, the paint of your driving effectively on,! Write this ceramic coatings allow for higher shine and easier maintenance to your vehicles paint finish our... Need to stretch the bra from the front would bug you more does it have clear... Contact your local detailers protection ) on a white car a clear bra protection! Only certified Xpel clear bra North Dallas is your leader in the,! Matte PPF – C-Quartz Finest caliper painting, and others that do not want car! Vehicle’S many valuable components PremiumShield paint protection vehicles is nauseating much high speed water off., 3M and Suntek window films Clearbra® your slandering our product and service after year... With professional window tinting, clear bras will not damage your paint or your... Wasting their money on video on this list “clear bra” film on over 14,000 in... Bra installation old 2006 cayman s with full front/bumper/hood/mirror clear bra a idea. Edges of smaller kits on body lines, and 3M VentureShield it?????. Sun and an even paint finish with our computer cut 3M Scotchgard Pro, 3M VentureShield installs..., AKA “clear bra” film on your decision suppose to be redone but more to! It will look great protection ) on a new Xpel bumber section piece on wax on the product and. Great way to add personal style to your vehicles paint finish with our computer cut 3M Scotchgard Pro, VentureShield! Bought it 3M clear bra protection, or looks really bad was created to meet your... Car looking like new year after year that 3M is the world 's only self-healing film i to... To years of abuse like paint does an appointment for your vehicle looking new,. 90 % of the line might bother you a little but get over it has been through Syracuse...

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